The Relationship Roadmap

Your guide for creating a modern marriage… five years at a time

Let Me Help You Create The New "I Do"

Are you worried that the stranglehold of “until death do you part” will take away your personal power? Maybe you saw it happen to your mom, and now to your girlfriends. You’d rather stay single…or just live together. But that doesn’t feel right. Neither does polyamory or open marriage. You’ve been wishing for a better way to do ‘I DO’. That was me too! I saw the problem with traditional marriage – and I fixed it. Now you can get your own NEW I DO started. The Relationship Roadmap gives you a plan with the major steps you need to design the marriage you want.  

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How To Use the Roadmap

Every few days you’ll receive one step of the roadmap. Each email includes a variety of free resources including videos, pdf and worksheets.
 I’ll also include easy to follow action items. Simply do the steps to create a relationship you love living!

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“I wish I knew about this three years ago when my marriage was still worth saving”

- Kathleen