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Five Year Marraige will challenge everything you know about marraige

If you are thinking about marriage, and aren’t sure about the “forever” or “til death do us part” aspects of traditional marriage, then this book is for you.

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Contract Marriage Featured in Philadelphia Magazine!

This month’s Philadelphia Magazine’s (April 2029) features The Five-Year Marriage®  – contract marriage. It’s one of 10 “different” marriage scenarios. I’m thrilled to be part of it. I tell the story about how and why The Five-Year Marriage started. This “new I do” is the right story right now. It for all the independent millennial […]

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Silver Linings

OK, it’s been three months and I’m officially done with this lockdown. You too? BUT two weeks ago, things got really bad….I knew Joseph and I were down the rabbit hole when we got so bored with each other that we cleaned out the garage. It got worse. Last Sunday we drove to Strasburg (in Lancaster […]

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VIDEO: Tips for Couples – Surviving COVID Confinement

You and your partner likely aren’t used to being together all day long for weeks on end. It’s not unusual to get on each others nerves. Don’t let this unusual circumstance ruin your relationship! Annmarie Kelly & Joseph Eagle share four tips from the Five-Year Marriage® that will help you and your partner get through […]

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April – Fresh Starts

Relationship Reset Many of us might be feeling frustrated or resentful of our partner now that we’ve been quarantined for a few weeks with them. It’s probably time for a relationship reset: How to make your relationship a priority During these days of covid-19 confinement, everyone’s patience is wearing thin. “I just can’t look […]

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Your Marriage in Covid-19

Yesterday morning, when Joseph and I tripped over each other at the sink after breakfast, he noticed how I tensed up. He laughed and said, “I bet you’ll be glad when I’m back to leaving the house at 4:30.” He’s right. I have my own wake-up routine in the morning. He does too – he […]

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Does Your Relationship Need a Reset?

Is Covide-19 causing you and your sweetie to get on each other’s nerves? It’s not a surprise – we aren’t used to being in such close quarters all the time. Someone recently told me, “I just can’t look at his face anymore.” Maybe that’s not you, but quarrels and squabbles seem to be affecting relationships […]

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March – Communication

Watch: Unspoken Agreements in a relationship What are unspoken agreements and how to talk about them: Stop with the silence! In No Sound, No Fury, No Marriage, Ms. Pritchett described her twenty year marriage of silence. Many people STILL do this today – but you don’t have to stay silent. You CAN speak up! Read […]

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Quarantine Quarrels

Your new lifestyle, courtesy of the coronavirus, is giving you some interesting challenges, isn’t it? You’re working from home, homeschooling  your kids, and getting meals on the table – all while trying to stay healthy. Then, just the other day, you realized something. All those little quirks your sweetie has – the ones you usually […]

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

What’s love got to do with it? That’s what Tina Turner asked in her now-classic 1984 hit. When I was putting together the 30-day Valentine Challenge, the song was playing in my head…an earworm… over and over. And it got me thinking about love. What is it – the love thing? You and I say we […]

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Five Year Marriage Love Month Challenge

Love Month Challenge!

February is the “love month,” but too many couples, especially long-time couples and couples with children, get left out. This month you can get back in the game with this twenty-eight-day “Love Challenge.” Do the daily challenges as a surprise for your sweetie – or you and your sweetie can choose to both do it […]

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women and boundaries five year marriage

The Bonus of Boundaries

Are boundaries a bonus? You bet they are! In life, and in your Five-Year Marriage™, boundaries protect you, your self-esteem and your identity. Boundaries aren’t just about personal power. They are – for a woman – about personal safety. I talked about boundaries in a recent newsletter. I explained what led to one of my […]

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