Hi! I'm Annmarie

I show smart, savvy women how to break the commitment stranglehold of traditional marriage and design their own new 'I DO'!

annmarie kelly - architect of a new marriage design

When I was ready to be married, I held back because
I saw so many problems with the centuries-old traditions.

So I reimagined marriage and fixed it.

Since then, I've been married SEVEN times... to the same man... for just five years each time. There's a method to this and secrets to its success. I can show you how.

Get the PROVEN Relationship Framework
for Women Who Want...

  • An equal partnership
  • A lover who is a friend
  • A partner you can share with and count on
  • A relationship that isn’t stagnant or dull
  • Strength through life’s changes
  • A strong connection
  • Fairness with children and chores
  • Financial equality
  • Independence outside of the marriage
  • Interdependence inside the marriage
  • Emotional intimacy
  • Physical intimacy

You CAN Avoid These Relationship Wreckers!

You Deserve a Loving, Intimate Relationship that Grows Along With You!

I’ve shown hundreds of women how to create a BRILLIANT & BADASS marriage. 
Now I’ll show YOU how to reinvent your relationship so it makes sense for your life as a smart, savvy, and empowered woman. 


Great relationship advice.
A must read for everyone wanting a strong, loving, and continuously growing relationship.
~ Kate Dipronio

Annmarie kelly has written the blueprint for long-term marriage success and create a template for relationship longevity. This is how every modern marriage should be viewed.
~ Helen Goltz, Author

[The Roadmap] is organized to help us make a conscious effort to be attentive, and then we have the power to advance this relationship with mindful adjustments, and “create a marriage that you’ll love living.
~ Maryann Volpe, long-time spouse (50+ years)