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You want to be married, but - you don’t want to give up your independence? Your mother’s marriage might have worked for her generation (or not), but it’s not what you want for your marriage.

You’re married, but - you feel like you two are growing apart. You’re doing too much by yourself. You feel exhausted. And then he wants to have sex…and you think “is he kidding?”

You’re missing the connection you two used to have. You feel lonely, and disappointed…and stuck?

You’re fed up with the lack of communication. You’re confused, angry or resentful about your relationship or your partner - and those feelings are cheating you out of your joy?


You thought marriage - your marriage - would be different, better. It isn’t.

In today’s fast-paced and constantly changing world, couples are faced with more and greater relationship challenges than any other generation.

The conventional commitment of “til death do you part” is unrealistic in a world where technology and random events create almost daily upheaval. So much fast change can test even the steadiest of relationships.

There’s a better way!

If you don’t want to be stuck with the same old same old, playing the same odds and fighting an uphill battle for marital success, there’s good news for you.

Create a Strong Marriage with the Five Year Marriage Model

Are you ready for it?

Are you ready for…

  • A smart and savvy new way to live your marriage?
  • A marriage where you can really be your best authentic self?
  • A marriage relationship that develops greater trust, happiness, and true intimacy (the ultimate goal of the marriage relationship?

You got it! It’s here for you!! It’s a better way to do “I do"
It’s The Five-Year Marriage
and now you can find out how to
start shifting the marriage paradigm in your favor with the...

Not Your Mother's Marriage Masterclass

In this 4-week Not Your Mother’s Marriage Masterclass, we’ll talk about creating a partnership that captures the essence of what you really want in marriage.

Whether you are new to marriage, or not-new but need to reconnect your marriage to your dreams, or divorced and not wanting to repeat the past in your next marriage, this is the perfect webinar for you!

masterclass you will LEARN:

  • The magic of marriage with a time limit
  • Why it makes sense for 21st century couples
  • How to get a fresh start every five years
  • How to use the five-year marriage to empower yourself in the relationship
  • Who makes a good Five-Year Marriage Partner (and who doesn’t)
  • The Solid Seven “Must Haves” in a Five-Year Marriage
  • The keys to writing Your Five-Year Marriage agreement
  • The Curse of Compromise and the Bonus of Boundaries
  • The Five Biggest Complaints in Marriage and how to handle them in Your Five-Year Marriage
  • The formula you need to ACE your marriage

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In the NOT YOUR MOTHER’S MARRIAGE masterclass you will GET:

  • 4 - One-hour “Live” classes with Annmarie Kelly
  • A weekly workbook to use during and after classes
  • Access to class audios for one week

And here's the “HOT LIST” of masterclass EXTRAS:

  • Kindle copy of The Five-Year Marriage: Shifting the Marriage Paradigm
  • Access to the private Not Your Mother’s Marriage FB page where you can chat with Annmarie and other participants

Who Will Benefit The Most
by Finding the Better Way in the
Not Your Mother's Marriage Masterclass?

five year marriage is for all ages of women
  1. Women who are single (never-married, divorced, separated) who don’t want their lives confined by conventional (and obsolete) marriage traditions.

  2. Married women: Married 8-15 years and ready to renegotiate those old and no-longer-working agreements.

  3. Long-time Marrieds who are experiencing marital changes due to an empty nest, retirement for one or both partners, loss, etc.

Masterclass Format

This Master Class is offered via a live video conference (Zoom) format with me. You can interact with me and the other participants from the convenience of your home or office.

The workshop sessions will be recorded, so if you miss a session, you will be able to listen to the audio on your own schedule. Class recordings are generally made available within 48-72 hours of the live class session date.

Also, during the time of the Masterclass, I’ll connect with you on a private masterclass FaceBook group.

So join me, Annmarie Kelly.
Come with your ideas and questions!
You’ll leave with a fresh perspective, new ideas,
& great tips that you can start using immediately!

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Ready for the Next Evolution of Marriage?

Join Annmarie Kelly, The Mother of Modern Marriage, for this masterclass and start the shift today!

Classes Start May 18!

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Your Masterclass facilitator: Annmarie Kelly

Annmarie Kelly, Marriage Workshop

Annmarie is an author, speaker, workshop facilitator, and the Mother of Modern Marriage. She’s been married SEVEN times, each time to the same man…for just five years. From her days in corporate training and development and through her Victorious Woman Project, Annmarie’s focus was and continues to be on communications, goal achievement and interpersonal skillbuilding.

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