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Five Year Marraige will challenge everything you know about marraige

If you are thinking about marriage, and aren’t sure about the “forever” or “til death do us part” aspects of traditional marriage, then this book is for you.

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Five Year Marraige Book

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The Five-Year Marriage™ Update

People have been asking when it’ll be available, so here’s the latest: The book is finished and is onto the next step: the cover. I got a couple sample covers already, but I’m not happy with any of them. It’s funny…when my first book, Victorious Woman: Shaping Your Challenges into Personal Victories was at this stage, the guy who did the cover art had already read the book. I think that makes a difference. After reading the book, he sent me one cover idea; I didn’t like it. He and I talked about it and, based on our conversation, he sent a second cover – and that was “the one.”

So far, between two designers and seven cover ideas, I haven’t gotten a cover that I would even post on FB to get feedback from all you.

Meanwhile, the interior design is going on.

I’m still planning a launch for February. And I’m still hoping that you’ll be able to order the Five-Year Marriage™ in November….just in case you have someone who should have the book for Christmas.

AND…I’m speaking about The Five-Year Marriage™ , on October 12, 6-8pm, at the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia. The cost is $12 and includes heavy hors d’ovres.

So come, enjoy, and find out more about The Five-Year Marriage™ .The Pyramid Club is at 17th & Market, 52nd floor, Philadelphia, PA. If you hate driving into the city, take the train.  It’s only about a block and a half from Suburban Station. Register Here: Meet The Author